Hmmm also when you emerged from the dark place did you know instantly that you needed to end the relationship to move forward with your progress? Thatís really exactly what is on my mind. He seems to be getting better finally and I read mostly where the spouses have this waking up from the fog experience where they feel total remorse and want to reconcile. I do not feel like that is my situation! My husband likes his freedom and heís enjoying every moment of it but there is absolutely not one word of working on the marriage. I do think he thinks is a given since heís putting out some effort by opening up communication. There was a time of silence and no depth to conversations. We are still romantically active (if thatís how you say it) so I donít think Iím completely in the friend zone but I want more! I want a relationship but not at the expense of asking for one. I made a vow to not speak of commitment with him again. I know itís a lot harder to face a relationship thatís had failures then it is to start a new one with someone else😕