Never any abuse! Yes, he cheated before. I think thatís probably where the entire thing began at. In 2016 we arrived home from family vacay in Hawaii and I received a call from a man saying that my hubby had been meeting up with his his stripper wife for the last few years. I was completely blown away!! I confronted, he denied, and then the truth finally came out. I believe thatís the reason for the onset of the crisis. I told him to leave and he left but he slept in the back seat of his pick up every night for 3 months until I decided I was ready to forgive him. He came back but it was pure torture for him til he left with the crisis. We had some moments of good times but I never actually forgave him the way I should have. I threw her up at him at any chance given. I think thatís what caused him to spiral out of control. We should have went to counseling or something. I will add that I havenít mentioned her name in 3 years now. I may be too late for forgiveness now tho😔. He tried to stick it out but I wouldnít allow it. I had a really hard time getting over that. It took me loosing him to forgive him. If that makes any sense at all? I think thatís the entire reason for the crisis! I think he just thought I would never look at him the same no matter how hard he tried. Now he can do whatever he wants with no repercussions! I just smile and and agree with everything.