My first thread! Im not sure how this all works. I feel like Ive been apart of this group for almost two years. Im a lurker! However, this may be my first post but this forum has helped in my journey tremendously and I am beyond grateful. It took me so long to post because honestly I didnt really think a MLC was real nor did I believe my spouse was old enough to actually be in the middle of one. It took a lot of convincing for me to realize it, address it, and you all have given me the insight to work with it. Now with all of that said I have an extra long story but I am very confused on where my spouses stage actually is and I need guidance to see it through. My spouse is nearing the end (I know everyone thinks that) and trust me I did everything wrong in the beginning but theres a change. Theres a kindness in his voice, calmness with stability, a smile on his face occasionally, lots of communication, hes beginning to enjoy leisure activities, and he is beginning to return to the man I once knew. There is still separation, secrets, lots of drinking, times of anger, depression is still there some, and short times of withdrawing from me. This change in him happened around December 2020 and after major major depression. There is no relationship talk (we do better without that) but I feel like were progressing. Can anyone tell me if this is the beginning of the end of the crisis? Can you tell me if I can be doing anything more to progress it? Can you tell me if I am remaining in the friend zone if I dont encourage relationship talk? Its been 3 years in October, has it been too long for reconciliation? So many questions?