Just re-read through your entire sitch. Wow, you really brought posters out of the wood-work to debate DB philosophies! I commented earlier in your thread, and it's been really helpful for me to read through it again. Lots of good advice.
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Nothing new at this point. Iím still in the clear my head/not push the issue mode. Things are fine in general, just nothing on that front.
I wasn't good in my sitch with the limbo, and it feels like your back in limbo. It's good, potentially, she called off the divorce (if I understand correctly you two completed mediation and were about to finalize things when she told you she wanted to try again? Also she was on dating apps (Bumble) and going out, and possibly deleted the apps and isn't pursuing anything outside your marriage at this time? These things to stop the bleeding, so to speak, but has she taken any action on pursuing any reconciliation and working to improve things? As others mention, her actions speak louder than words.

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Our 10 year anniversary is in 2 weeks. I havenít brought it up with her or made any plans, not sure what to do about it.

I have no idea. Honestly seems like it could be a no-win situation, and most likely completely depends on her viewpoint. If she's honestly open to working on the marriage than a gesture for the anniversary would be welcomed, but if she's not open to it than you could get "in trouble" for not doing anything or for doing something. Darned if you do, darned if you don't. Probably goes back to her mindset more than anything you do/don't do, imo.

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