MLC, Ginger, LH-- I'm not, actually, parroting cookie cutter advice (although LH's dig at my educational background is pretty awesome, thanks for that).

Mako, I honestly meant every word of my post. I don't think you'll get the outcome it seems you're looking for if you push your W into an R talk right now. She may just say she wants a D again, or she may say what you want to hear but not be committed inside. Believe none of what they say and half of what they do. Her actions matter and it doesn't sound as though she's ready to recommit to the M. What does that mean for you? You want to walk? Walk. You have an entire cheerleading squad here pushing you to do that. You're not ready for that? Then chill out and focus on detaching and GAL. That's all I'm saying.

Peace, guys. I don't need more @holes in my life and so I'm out. Not worth it. Hope you guys find happiness.

Me (46) H (42)
M:14 T:18, D9 & D11
4/19 - 12/19: series of escalating BDs
9/20 - present: R and piecing