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Wow! Mako, you also lured me out of retirement .

Im getting a pedicure reading the interesting back and forth.

I dont agree with detach GAL 180 as the sole action in this. Mako has done that before. And look. His wife left yet again. And came back yet again. If she said she wanted to reconcile a second time, well, I sure as heck would want to see something happen. I would be direct about it too. Because this is the second time hes going down this road! How many times does he want to sit and wait in the corner afraid to poke the lion?

That is truly up to him. If he wants to cycle through this again, this way, by all means. But there is a cycle here.and nothing wrong with mako being clear and precise of what he needs to see this time around.

But I do agree, he cant go down that road if he cant handle finding out this is a false start. But if hes ready to lay down what HE NEEDS to see, he absolutely should! This is not bad advice in his situation. But mako, if you want to just do your own thing while she does her own thing, go ahead. But I dont think you are going to get what you desire out of that action, except walking down this road yet again in the future

Ginger, mako's first sitch was with his first wife. They D'd. This new sitch is with his second W, they married in 2009.

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