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LH, clearly she's not all-in. I suspect if he pushed her, she'd run away, don't you?

It's possible but if she does it's better now then later. This BS cookie cutter advice of detach, 180, become a man only a fool would leave NEVER works. Find out where you stand right now, heal then move on.

I suspect MWD would disagree with you. LH, I am constantly surprised by the fact that you spend so much time on this site and not over on, say, the chump lady's website. It really doesn't seem like you subscribe to the principles of DBing in general.

Actually May DB principles are for what they are attended to do. You improve yourself move on and you find someone better who doesn’t bail when things get tough and who doesn’t cheat and destroy the family. That’s what is considered a success story. He can and will most likely do that. If by chance he wants to reconcile with his W who BTW said she wants to work on the marriage he needs to get some backbone and make her work for it. He’s been through this before and seems like a pretty strong dude and able to hold is ground.

You guys gave the same advice and argued with me with Salty Dog and his W fell in love with another man.

Now he can certainly play the long game pretend like nothing happened and wait until she walks again. Cheaters cheat that’s what they do. There are enough statistics to prove it all over the internet.

May never forget that MWD is here to make money. Before your time she would have people on here soliciting coaching sessions. That’s why she never talks about success rates, timelines or how many people end up cheating again.

Something to think about.

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T:22 M:16
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