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Also to clarify and simply because I was asked by R2C, I don't like when my H acts like a child, not "feminine", like a child petulant or otherwise. I'm not his mother. Children have problems with emotional regulation, because they are children. Children have problem with boundaries because they are children. Children have problems anticipating or fully understanding the needs of others because their not yet fully formed brains make them self focused as their little bodies and minds are functioning on a much lower level of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs. Children have difficulty putting the needs of other's first for the same reason. Adults who behave like children well into their 30s, 40s and 50s are a turn off for literally every one. Men and women alike, and I've met both. H and I, like every other human person on the planet, brings both masculine and feminine energy and traits into our relationship. I however due to years and years of therapy and being forced, either by chance or circumstance, am more emotionally and intellectually mature. Our situation has forced him a longdevelopment here, and hopefully in the years to come he can further address his arrested development in a professional setting so we can continue to grow together.

Try looking up Erik Eriksons stages of child development for what should happen in life.
When it doesn't happen you set the stage for a MLC/WAS situation later in life.

You can't run away from growing up but people try to.

Its not our job to try to FIX them he may get help and then again he may not.

All we can do is let go and watch what happens.
Of course a good use of our time during that period is to work on ourselves because that is something we can control.

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