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My only ask is: Please do not assume that because one recognizes differences between the sexes, that they are "belittling and reductionist". I have often recognized one of the irrefutable differences in the sexes, the ability of women to give birth to a new human-being, as one of the indicators that women are stronger than men!

But do I think men and women approach things like relationships, marriage and sex in very different ways? I absolutely do. And I think we'd be doing LBSs of both sexes a complete disservice to pretend that they do not. But the mere recognition of differences in the sexes in no way inherently elevates one gender over the other. I am not saying that there are not those that do that, but framing everyone that recognizes differences between men and women as "belittling and/or reductionist", is in and of itself reductionist. (WF, I am not saying that is what you were trying to suggest, but some could read your response above as saying just that.) I'd also point out that MWD herself recognizes the differences between men and women in her own writings and words.

Easy enough ask to comply with. I do genuinely understand given social conditioning there are differences in roles in heteronormative relationships. Also that some folks adhere to more traditional roles in their relationships. As well as just different world view.

My only ask here has been and will continue to be is that posts provide help and have value on the face vs information that in a round about way may possibly be helpful but at the detriment of an entire sex or all relationships that don't abide 100% by traditional gender roles. If you have to deconstruct the information to remove the boot on the neck of someone and then find the value in it what's the point.

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