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The kids were told about the D. D5 said she wants her daddy, that this is stupid, she cried, said she wants us all in a house together, wants either parent when she needs us, they cried a little more. She is completely correct, this is stupid. All happened in about two minutes then she wanted to play. It seemed too fast. No way she understood and got through it so easily.

Hi Core, your kids will learn what D means in bits and pieces. My (then) D7 took D much easier than my S2. D7 understood me when when I said, "You'll see Daddy in 2 days and can call me anytime." and she appreciated finally having a bedroom she could call her own. S2 didn't understand until he had to leave me to go with mommy. He'd only go with her if I stayed on the phone talking as I drove away. A couple of years later, the kids get it, adjust to the pros and cons (which hopefully includes more quality parent-child time, less arguing, and two happier parents). S doesn't remember and D barely remembers a married home. (:

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