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Heres a suggestion. This is not the Coach Corey Wayne board. Can we stop quoting him? And people that want to hear his insights can go follow him on the internet and let this board be? It is very off-putting for some of us and those of you that like him can go bother his website.

I agree with may22. MWD has lots of great resources, some at this very site! (See the TV & Media link above.) She also has pointed, gender-specific advice for husbands and wives, and general advice that pertains to all. No need to pull in other resources when MWD is such an expert at what she has dedicated her life too She is the reason I came to this site, and while I've also read other authors and marriage experts, she is the premier anti-divorce expert in my estimation. I think sometimes we forget what a treasure-trove of information her books, the resources at this site, and even MWD's videos, interviews and writings that you can find across the internet truly are!

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