Thank you. I cannot believe you're two years in and still tied together financially yet I'm just a few month off from that number myself. It is definitely a test of patience!

"She has her own narrative, she is operating on emotion." You're completely right about this. I'm getting used to it at this point. I see it often in ExWs day to day thinking. When we discuss something, just about anything, I see that she reacts to how she feels about it and not factual evidence or logically whats best. When/if there is factual evidence to support my side and disprove hers, she still feels her way and lives in her reality. Since she feels a way, it must be right and damned is the person who goes against those feelings.


The kids were told about the D. D5 said she wants her daddy, that this is stupid, she cried, said she wants us all in a house together, wants either parent when she needs us, they cried a little more. She is completely correct, this is stupid. All happened in about two minutes then she wanted to play. It seemed too fast. No way she understood and got through it so easily.

H37, W37
D4, S2
BD 9/19
EA discovered 10/19
Currently in limbo, no D or S process initiated