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I've always been a romantic and adventurous spirit who enjoy traveling the country and being active outdoors. 11yrs ago I was a WAH, divorcing an ex-wife who was clinically depressed for 1.5yrs and not seeking help. I left with my D16 and S11. I had a 5-year rebound with someone I saw no future with. Then I met my ex-GF--a world-class athlete who clicked with me on so many levels, except she kept blowing up and breaking up. I'm finally learning to be alone.

kml, Dawn, Deja - Thank you. It's a learning experience. I'm proud I stood up for my hike. I agree she didn't represent her abilities well, and as Andrew notes, that isn't uncommon. I'll get better at vetting people, and grant a bit less trust in the future (e.g., spend more than 2hrs together before a 4-day weekend).

MsMyPeaks and I had many differences even without the above. The 10-mi hike was actually 9.5-mi. She stopped 0.25mi from what others described as an amazing destination because her feet hurt. I said I'd jog ahead and get photos, and she said if I left her alone 15 minutes that would make her feel terrified. Later, turning down seeing one of the world's oldest trees, she said "There's more than 1 type of pine tree? They all look the same to me." She was uncomfortable when I climbed 50' up/down a waterfall for a photo. It was a 5.2 (easy) climb where I had 3 points of contact at all times and my exposure was no more than a 6' fall. I suspect even without me insisting on my hike, we would not have ended up fast friends.

My ex-wife and I continue on a good path. She gave me a hug on my birthday. [We usually hug once a year on Christmas]. I felt sniffly the evening after coming home, so I got a COVID test and offered to send my kids to my ex-wife. She declined--said they'd already spent 2 hours with me so that'd just add more exposures. She seemed concerned about how I felt (separate from the kids), and checked-in on me last night, too. [I used a campground shower 2x and MsMyPeaks used it 4x. Those were probably my dumbbest moves since the pandemic started, especially given my weakened immune system after completing endurance hikes.]