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(Note, this isn't for all LBSs since some WSs are just flawed and no matter how great of a S the LBS is the WS is going to flake out.)

Yep. Totally true. The LBS has to know that the only thing they control is their own behaviour. They have no control over nor are they responsible for their Sís actions.

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We went out with to a nice place last night for our 22nd anniversary. I always think back to where we were in 2005 and 2017 and resolve that I'm going to do all in my power to prevent it from occurring again. I can guarantee that if it all falls apart ever again that it won't be because of me.

Iím really happy for you Steve. I hope things continue working out and that both you will live happily together. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing people reconcile their MR.

I totally agree with you about learning from mistakes and doing everything you can to have a healthy relationship. The feeling that you did everything you could is very important.

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