Good morning everyone. I had court yesterday and what a disaster. I have been preparing or this for about a year and spent thousands of dollars. My ex’s lawyer pulled a real good one. 2 weeks ago she filed a petition for sole custody. In there her reasons were are you ready for the ridiculous lies, my daughter as suicide ideation (yet neither on of the therapists has ever told me that and I ask them all the time how she is doing), that I am mentally and emotionally abusive to my children( I just took my kids to the city and my son upstate) that a physically abused her in front of the kids (never happened), and I saved the last for best, that I encourage my GF to belittle and put my children down. Are you f kidding me!!!??? My lawyer got wind of this petition 10 minutes before we were going into court. He went to the court clerks office and she did file it but the court did not process it in a timely fashion. So, my lawyer did not get a copy of this sooner. My lawyer said we need time to sort all this bs out. He said he was going to ask to delay it so we can prepare. Well, when we went into court her lawyer pushed for us to proceed and it’s not her fault the court did not process this faster. My lawyer did not feel comfortable putting me on the stand now. So, her lawyer said she will drop the petition if we drop ours. My ex has 42 contempt’s of court (42 days I was supposed to have my daughter and didn’t) plus me going for custody because I have screen shots of how my ex bashed me to my daughter. My lawyer dropped ours too, so she walked out of there Scott free and on top of it, her lawyer and my child’s lawyer said my daughter needs a break from me so they all agreed 2 weeks would be good for my daughter. So for the next 2 weeks I am not to see or contact my daughter. I am beyond angry, sad, depressed. 1. That my ex violated our divorce decree and got away Scott free.
2. I can’t see my daughter for 2 weeks.
I have a question for all of you. I have spoke to a bunch of friends about my daughter. She is 13 do I just completely back off after the 2 weeks and wait for her to “wake” up and come to me or do I continue to force the issue?
I am complete shock that this all happened this way. My lawyer also said we could recipe the petition and go after her again, her lawyer will do the same. Do I let this go or do I refile and maybe get a new lawyer? Thanks

M:42 XW:41
T:19 M: 15
D:13 S:10
BD: 8/10/18
Moved out: 8/18
Moved in: 9/18/18
Moved out: 4/22/19
D papers signed 11/4/19
D final 3/18/20