Thanks Steve. I am trying to keep my cool with her for the sake of the kids. It's sad, because i recognize the damage she is doing to my children. She is even cutting out some of my kids friends. For example, A mom text me 2 weeks ago that my ex found out that she came to my home so that her son and my son could play, they are in the same class. So, this mom text me that my ex blocked her on FB and will not return any text messages or calls, all because she came to my house. Another dad just text me a couple of days ago that he reached out to my ex to see if my son wanted to go there for the super bowl. He was having a few of his son's friends coming over and would like my son to be there. She didn't even respond. This is the type of person I am dealing with.

Here is a ridiculous story for everyone. Me, my ex and the psychologist were talking about how to encourage a relationship between my D and I. Of course all my ex says how she promotes it (I want to barf) but she isn't. She then goes on to say the psychologist that when she comes to my home I don't have the lights on or sometimes I shut them off when she arrives to pick up my son and that it causes her anxiety and she doesn't feel comfortable. Side note when I bought my home there were no blinds on the windows and you can see right into my home from the street, I didn't want her to see into my home. So yes i would shut them off when she arrived and then let my son go. The psychologist asked me if i would leave the lights on when she got there I said sure. (Right after this I went out and purchased blinds) Then he calls my D in. To make a long story short at the end my D says, when we pull up to dads house he turns the lights off and that it gives her anxiety. I just replied wow that is interesting. First, how can turning off the lights in the home when they are parked in the street and i let my S out to go with his mom cause anxiety and she doesn't feel comfortable. Literally word for word what her mom had said, keep in mind when my ex said this my D was in the waiting room. What are the chances my D said exactly the same thing as her mom. That shutting off the lights causes anxiety and makes her uncomfortable. This is the garbage I am dealing with. My ex became and absolute nightmare and is only hurting my children. Like I said i have plenty of stories like this. Little by little my poor children are just being mentally destroyed. This is one of the many reasons i am taking my ex to court for custody.

M:42 XW:41
T:19 M: 15
D:13 S:10
BD: 8/10/18
Moved out: 8/18
Moved in: 9/18/18
Moved out: 4/22/19
D papers signed 11/4/19
D final 3/18/20