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Wolfman, so your sons up and down couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact that his mom and dad are split up and he has to shuttle between the two of them, their separate houses, and have to deal with a NEW mom on top of it? Or is it just all her poisoning him towards the two of you?

I'll hang up and listen.

I am sure that is a part of it. Look I canít explain what (because we are in court) I evidence of her bashing me and my girlfriend. Saying things like, you donít have to listen to them, isnít it better you donít have to spend time with them, calling me a loser, she put tracking devices on their cell phones that I found. When I got into it, they were only turned on when they were with me, telling the kids to hide their cell phones from me, she took them to great adventure a while ago and told them not to tell me. So I would say there is a lot of brainwashing going on. Thatís why I am taking her to court. Oh wait the best one was, I had a family plan with my daughter, a few months back she canceled her cell phone(I have no idea how she did it when it was in my name) I asked for the cell phone back. In front of the kids she asked me why I wanted the phone back I said because itís in my name. She said I am not giving it to you and if I did I will erase everything off her phone, you donít need to see whatís on her phone. This is what she says in front of my kids. That was the short version. She never gave it back and now I have to take her to small claims for that too. I have plenty of other stories. What do you think? Brainwashing? Parent alienation?

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