Day 5 - A hard day. I burned the bridges that usually bring us back together, Facebook and texting. Without this finality, I worried I would get roped back into the cycle again for round four. I don't want to end up in one of those situations that spins endlessly.

Message not sent: "I love you--that's why I blocked your calls, texts, and social media. I love you, but Wednesday you got mad out-of-the-blue, told me to leave, told me we were toxic because I abandoned you, then told me you were so scared and gave me only 45 minutes to reply before telling me we were over. I love you, but you keep threatening to break-up and that scars me deeply. As much as I love you, I love me too, so I must love you from afar. I hope your life is happy and rewarding. On cold nights, remember our warm memories, and know you are loved. Farewell, my love."

May'19 - separation. | Dec'19, Oct'20, Jan'21 - painful breakups. | Jan'21 - freedom!
"We the ones who play hard, we live hard, we love hard, we light up the dark." -- Kesha