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Steeling this from hope:
We are dealing with people who are willing to destroy families, spend tens of thousands of dollars, risk the loss of friends, reputation etc. - all to fill the void in their lives. All to "feel" better. Caring nothing for the devastation they leave in the wake.
I donít like those kind of ppl. I donít like my XW anymore either.

But no need to dig there. I used to obsess as much about him as XW in the beginning but I am past that. This was about me talking to my kids and not putting them in the middle.

My ex married his OW. Began cheating with her while I was pregnant without first and only baby. 13 years sheís been around and they will be married 10 years in April. Iím one of the few on the boards who had to experience that one! I used to beat to death the fact that she must be an awful person to insert herself in a marriage where there is a baby on the way. Truth be told, I donít hate her. I hate what she did . But she treats my daughter well. All that really matters.

When my D was 3 she overheard me talking on the phone and I said something along the lines that I didnít like OW. She went to her dads house for a weekend and she told OW she didnít like her because her mommy doesnít doesnít like her. It was a moment where I realized my feelings need to be totally left out else time with her dad wonít be good and healthy.

Trust me, I understand how painful it could be for you. But this is where you throw yourself in front of a bus for the peace of your child