So another question for perspective.
D3 has started to name OM a lot more when talking.
Basically included him in her family, as she sees it. (not as a father or boyfriend to XW though)
This is just part of the process, though really isn't all that simple to take in yet.
During one of these very happy babble talks she all of a sudden asked me if I like OM.

I try to be very attentive and really BE with my children during my time with them, but this one really hit me.
I totally neglected the question and just said "I love you". I didn't know what to say.
After I realized I couldn't have done the same thing if it was D6 and there may come a time when they want to talk about him and XW.
It's not like I can say I hate him because that puts the kids in the middle.
What would you guys have said?

Me: 34
Stbxw: 30
D:5 D:3
Mini bd: May/June 2019
Married: Aug 2019
BD: 6th Dec 2019
OM Confirmed: Feb 2020
March 2020: I filed for D
Waiting for D to be finalized and W to move out end of January 2021