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Where have you grown? What changes have you made that are about you?

I'm 3/4 of the way thru Dry January - something I never thought possible a year ago. Just the thought of going a month gave me anxiety. That is 100% for me and not anyone else. If I was doing it for someone else, I would've dropped out on day 2.

Instead of dragging myself out of bed at the last minute every morning, or sleeping past 9am on weekends I now am regularly up between 5:30 and 6, often without an alarm, and start my day with journaling, working out (before breaking the rib, although that is healing and I'm starting back in a bit), meditating, and having me time before the kids are up and the day starts.

I've stopped watching TV unless it is a movie with the kids. Otherwise I am reading. I used to love reading and I stopped because I told myself there was never time. I just didn't make time. Now I do.

i was getting back into Jiu-jitsu pretty hard before the rib.

I have taken photography up and have gotten lots of positive feedback from people.

I go on at least 1 hike a week, if not more.

I put in an application at a new job, which is scary as hell as I have a good job that pays well. It just [censored] my soul dry.

And the most important thing is I feel better about me. More confident, stronger, and a better sense of clarity. It comes and goes obviously, good days and bad, but the fact I am able to feel GOOD again on my own is huge.

I look at that list and wonder how many I would've done if we had gotten back together back in October or something. There's nothing there I couldn't have done if we were together, but would I? And now that I am doing them, they are becoming non-negotiables if we were to reconcile.