Congrats on D! In many minds its some sort of finality, but it is t really just a technicality.

At the moment (if we dont end up in court) we have one exchange in the week, so we dont see each other as it happens at school and one over the weekend where we do see each other and H comes ti pick the boys up. Everything that the boys had at home -stayed at home. H bought extra stuff for them and generally speaking we try and return some of the clothes to the home where it belongs. There was one occasion where literally all trousers ended up at h house, so i had to swing by and collect, otherwise no problems. Mine are really into their scooters, but they always stay at our home.
Today was even odder, only s 5 went with H and they took some card games and s7 stayed home as he was unwell.
I think some if these things happen naturally, sotting down and pre planning how this works is perhaps putting to much emphasis on this. Obv if you run into issues then have the convo.