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Do you do some practical "extra" runs with things/clothes back and forth or how do you move things around?

No, and this isn't part of the shared experience I talk to other single parents near me about. Each home is self-sufficient. The closest is when one house gets all the shorts vs. long pants, new vs. old clothes, ice packs, or thermoses. The parent on the lacking side says something, and it's fixed at the next hand-off. Rarely some school work is forgotten and the parent with custody has to make an extra trip to pick it up.

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I will probably suggest we share costs for outerwear, shoes, equipment etc. Clothes will be mostly paid for by oneself.

I could see coordinating on those. We don't do so. When my S's or D's shoes look worn out enough, either she or I buy new ones. Sometimes I buy them. Sometimes she buys them.

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