Hi Mumin,

Like OnlyBent, my ex-wife and I usually double-up. It's okay if they don't have the same toys and sports gear and book series at both homes. Magic Treehouse at one home, Last Kids on Earth at the other. There have been exceptions--for toys, the kids could take one item over when that was an issue; for school supplies, buying one copy and putting it in the backpack worked; for laptops, occasionally one breaks down and the other parent "lends" computer equipment for a short period of time (1-2 weeks).

I can't recall any issues rising to the level of needing an "agreement", except when all the ice packs or long pants or new shirts end up at one house! We crossed that bridge when it happened.

Congratulations on completing the divorce, and glad you're looking forward to February!

May'19 - separation. | Dec'19, Oct'20, Jan'21 - painful breakups. | Jan'21 - freedom!
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