Hey Mumin, glad you had a nice time at the snow. My brother's little boys are expert skiers already, its very cool that your D's are already into it as well.

Re toys and clothes, etc. When my STBXW moved out we just split everything in half and topped up where necessary. Kids have so many toys and books these days that there was plenty to go to each house. The clothes seem to make a back and forward over the weeks and when we buy new clothes, the cost is shared. Things like goggles for swimming just come in the schoolbag on the days needed, doesn't seem to make sense to get two of these sort of things when with a bit of cooperation they can be shared. We do this with his bike, helmet, bodyboard, things like that.

Me: 39 W:40
T: 14 M: 11
S: 4
BD1: IHS Nov 2019
OM since Jun 2020
W moves out Aug 2020

"What happened happened, and couldn't have happened any other way...because it didn't"