Hi Mumin!!

I just caught up on your sitch! How are you? Do you have a date for the move out?

It's interesting to read a year of someone's life and see how far they have come. I've re-read my own sitch a few times during the past 2 years and I can learn something about myself - and where people have made suggestions that I didn't follow or followed and worked that I had forgotten about.

The only thing that I can see is your desire to have conversations about what is best for the kids with your XW. Unfortunately, like Sandi has explained - she has her own opinion of what's ok for your kids and unless she is exposing them to a degree that would require legal intervention, there's nothing you can do.

I would only add that you continue to post here, talk to IC or a trusted friend and get it out of your system. Other than that, communicate with XW only as absolutely necessary. Will help with final phases of detachment.

Happy (late) New Year!

Stay strong!