It's sad to look back - and not even on just me but most of the LBSs on here - and see how much sh!t we put up with and yet still WANT to get the other person back. What a lack of self-respect and boundaries. If I was talking to a buddy, I'd be saying "why are you putting up with that? Get the hell out of there!" If I was watching this in a movie I'd be thinking the main character is an idiot for staying with her and deserves what he gets. And yet, here I am, knowingly being an idiot. Knowingly putting myself in harm's way and yet blaming her when I get hurt. How stupid is that? I'm the one making the wrong decisions, I'm the one who isn't strong enough to just leave, and I'm the one who is putting a target on my back saying "hurt me, please!" That needs to change.