I would like to ask you something. Hope I'm not too direct and if you do not want to answer, I fully understand.

In your signature you state, "I may give up, but not today."

If your ex-wife turns up at your door-step one day and realizes what she has done, is your heart still open to give her a 2nd chance? The reason why I ask this is because you haven't been together for 3 years now and I wondered what your feelings are like now towards her.

I'm 2 years post BD and I still love him deeply, even though all the things he has done to our family. From my thread you know that I want to stand, even if we are divorced, I only want to separate myself from his crisis, and financially secure myself.

As you mentioned in my thread:
That paper, that agreement, does not control your heart. You can stand while divorced. And youíre right, one quits standing in a certain way, and stands more for their own values and self.

I wonder if, after a long time, you can still love somebody when you are separated that long, isnít this fading?

Me (44) EXH (42)
M:15 T:19, S18, S15 & S15
04/19 - 02/20 ILYB & OW1
12/20 - .... OW2
03/22 - Divorce official / home sold / I let go