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Whats up diggity dog?

Just livin' the dream my man. Thanks for asking. Things have been all over the place with no shortage of excitement. But the short version is not much has changed. Except we started having a lot of sex at the studio which was fun but meaningless. My trip to the coast was good, caught my limits of ling cod and rockfish, hiked up a cliff that I normally would "nope" out of due to fear of heights and having the coordination of a drunk water buffalo. Started dry January and a 30 day yoga challenge with the new year and was really enjoying it. Then on Monday night I broke a rib while sparring in jiu-jitsu. Talk about a let down. I drove to the ER, wife told me not to and that she would take me but being a man I didn't listen. So since then we've been at the house together and things have been very "normal" like nothing had changed. But that isn't a good thing because she's doing things that are bugging me that I used to put up with and now I don't feel like putting up with them anymore. It's like a reminder of what things were really like vs. the rose colored memories. I'm not doing/saying anything about it for now though. FIgure I'd wait until I'm off the narcotics before doing anything rash. Ultimately I'm coming to the realization I am not happy and probably haven't been for a long time. And I want to be happy again. And my current, somewhat depressed, slightly impaired, and very frustrated mind is telling me is that being happy and being with her are mutually exclusive. So there's that. Still not drinking though and am planning on doing the yoga challenge once I am able to put shoes one without having to get up the nerve first.