I think you are doing great! And you will be even better when she moves out. Honestly the best think that happened was when i asked him to leave and that was 2 months in. There were evening when i missed him or i think interaction woth an adult more so.
In terms of kids, they will ask questions as things unravel, mine are 7 and 5 and eldest does ask a lot of questions and has said openly that what H did wasn't fair and it wasnt best for everyone ( thats why H told him) that everyone will be happier this way. He openly says it was the wrong decision that his dad made and it was selfish. I mean my S7 is very profound for his age. I like you never badmouth H, however i have to be honest and say that not all decisions adults make are the right ones. They adored H and i dont want them to think he can do no wrong, they will be disappointed a hundred times over!

Hand in there and look after yourself!