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She doesnt have a plan at all, as expected.
D6 will also meet OM some day. He is not moving in and kids dont know XW and OM are a couple.
"He is just a friend they meet sometimes"
Im disgusted by her. I feel as if she and OM will CONTAMINATE my children.
I will be their rock.

You've commented on my thread several times, so you know I'm going through the same thing right now in terms of the young children and OM (in my case OM2). My W moved out and quickly moved in OM2 (or at least he stays overnight with them and they eat breakfast together, which is essentially the same thing). I know the feeling, it [censored]. Not that we wanted the separation/D either, but you'd hope your STBX would at least wait a reasonable amount of time and give their kids' parent a heads up so that it could be dealt with more appropriately in terms of the children. I don't have much advice for the situation other than to point out what every lawyer I consulted with as well as several board members said - there's nothing we can do about it - we just have to focus on being that rock for our kids.

sandi2's comment to you was outstanding - it made me think it was written for me as well. You have great support here...hang in there!

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This coming moth is when we FINALLY physically separate.
It will be so good mentally for me.
I might need some support from you guys now and then. XW moves to apt end of Jan.
2021, time to turn the page!
Happy New Years everyone! Whish you a happy year filled with TRUE love!

IHS is tough. I was constantly walking on eggshells and reminded of the affair/sitch. You're absolutely right you'll get some relief when XW moves out.

Here's to 2021!

Me:39 Ex-W:36
M:7 T: 9
S:6 D:2
BD/IHS/Confirm EA/PA: Feb '20
OM1 affair ends: May '20
W/OM2 & moves out: June-July '20
W files for D: Jul20
OM2 confirmed: 9/2020
Divorced: May '21