Hey Indy,

I know you're feeling down. I'm going to quote Seneca:

"Everything is a matter of judgment".

You can judge these things to be positive or negative based off your inner dialogue. Focus on the positives that have come from this.

You need to be thinking and acting confidently and assertively. You are taking control of your life. You are doing the right things. Good on you.

I may have mentioned this to you before but I went out around month 7 and had an epiphany night. It didn't totally wipe out my pain but it definitely brightened my outlook bc there were several women approaching me and talking to me. You need to get out and interact with women and see that life really will be better, that women want and value you. Read some of the stuff out there on attraction and seduction. Get your mojo back.

I do believe that your number 4 is the biggest fantasy on that list. You really are in control of that whole list and I wish you the best in taking control of your life!!

H 34
W 29
BD 3/12/18
Divorce Busted Spring 19

It is not things that bother us, but the stories we tell ourselves about things.