Happy New Year!

I decided not to say anything, small battle, wasnt worth it. S7 was very excited that i watched his videos and thats all that mattered in the end. We have some big financial convos to have this year, thats the battles i want to be winning not yout tube ones.

We had a fantastic xmas and a new years party with the kids, they barely saw H and we spent most of the time at home together.

H seems to still be in his crisis, its mainly around showing everyone how good things are and making promises that he cant keep. We are in UK so schools will only be open for key workers, we qualify, so kids going in. Which he had issue with, i said it will be small groups and its as safe as it can be, otherwise its remote schooling which only works if one of is doesnt work and can deal with kids. So H suggested that he does it, i nearly laughed. H is in a high powered position and with everything going on is extremely busy, which essentially means he wont have time for kids and they will end up watching tv all day. He seems to be so desperate to have the kids live with him that he will come
Up with anything at all. I really dont see how the man who left his family and literally abandoned and avoided his kids to start with is now wanting something from me.
Kids are with H until sunday morning, so some very limited GAL, as everythig is literally shut!