I wish there were some way to access a WH viewpoint. My husband of 38 years started a relationship with a a woman - he says - after becoming "lost" and "over" my depression. I had no idea. I think that the male version of this is different.

He had no commitment to her. She was the same age. He had no intention of leaving me ( I read the emails ) She had never been married or had children ( we have 4 adult children) This went on for 2 years- a EA that went to a PA.

I'm heart broken. He DB'd 6 months ago and I'm still getting it together.

We are working on our new marriage. He is remorseful . no contact with the AP for 6 months . We are intimate ( never stopped the whole time).
Any suggestions for a LBS that is working on repairing her marriage? Sorry if this is a hijack. I don't get the forum