No, I don't think she will come back. If I insinuated that, I didn't mean to. I agree, there is no movement in the "back together" direction. Its only been a month since she moved out. There is not chance that she would change her mind in that time frame. If and when she does get a job things will get harder for her.

The divorce / mediation looks like its going to move pretty fast. I am shocked we could file by April. And then I'm told its 3-5 months from that point until it is done.

Drop off with the kids was hard on me again; having to wake my son up on his day off and haul my daughter out of the house in her PJ's when they should be able to stay put really pissed me off and made me sad for them.

Yesterday was great, we snowboarded all day and then last night we set up my new projector in my room and all laid on my bed to watch shows. That was fun.
I'm going out to dinner and drinks with a friend tonight. Don't have anything planned tomorrow for New Years Eve yet, but that might be for the best. A friend did say he might have people over but he hasn't finalized it. I just assume go to bed early and get up to work out before I get the kids back.