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R2C - I agree I'm heading into the friend zone. I'm not sure how to change that. Homework you recommend is entrepreneurs in cars?
That is the tip of the iceberg. IE start there and keep going down the personal growth path. We all have room to improve the way we interact with others. Some ways are attractive and others are not. Some of his beliefs I disagree with, but that is based off of extensive research into the subject and other experts opinions and information as well as my own personal experience. In your case, you should really challenge your current beliefs and be extremely open to ideas that may be polar from your current ones. Dig down into those. Are they good traits to have for you? If so, can you change your behavior to incorporate them into your core?

What works is counter intuitive. The only way to attract her back is to not try and attract her back. It is that simple. You just become the best you. She may like what she sees. If she shows interest, you make her work for your attention. You have criteria that you need to see in her behavior.

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