LH - You made me laugh out loud. Those last two questions were so true. I know youíve been where I am, so you understand the mind F.

The mediator today said her hope is that we file by April.

My STBXW was supposed to get a job offer today (or she was told she didnít get the job). And hear I am, Mr. Nice Guy wanting to reach out and check in. If she didnít get it she will he crushed.

Since the separation, every interaction Iíve had with her (2 mediations, 1 drop off, Christmas) she has cried more in front of me than she had in years. She is broken and life is giving her a real tough hand right now. Her dads dementia, her sisters stroke, all kinds of issues with her house, parenting issues, job search issues - life is hard for her.

I know, not my concern. I was fired. Well, itís not that clean and easy.
My life is going well and continues to go well. Tomorrow Iím taking both kids skiing. Wednesday after work Iím grabbing a drink with a good friend. Thursday Iíve got no plans, which kind of stinks - but a friend of mine might be having some people over.

My next 5 day stretch without the kids I might do a spiritual retreat to fill that time. Itís something Iím interested in so weíll see.