R2C - I agree I'm heading into the friend zone. I'm not sure how to change that. Homework you recommend is entrepreneurs in cars?

As for never being bored, I don't know what to tell you. I keep pretty busy but sometimes, its later at night, nothing is on TV, I'm too tired to read and I'm looking for something to do - that's a tough time for me.

Last night I did go to dinner with a friend but it ended early and then I had nothing going. Good news, he did invite me on an offroad motorcycle trip in August, so I'm hoping to jump on that.
Today we had another mediation session. My STBXW brought up some parenting issues, which IMO should be discussed in counseling, not mediation. It was interesting that our mediator pointed out to my STBXW how she was attacking me instead of talking to me - I wish we had a marriage counselor with the guts to point that out.

The mediator also told my STBXW on three or four occasions that she couldn't tell me what to do at my house or with my time. I was amused by that as well.

Mediation took it out of me this morning. I've got the kids today and didn't have much for us to do. Tomorrow we're going skiing which will be fun.