You need to break away from this addiction / obsession.

The post above just shows how deep in you are. I know you are replying to a post, you the theme is soooo similar to most of your other posts - You go on about OM and WW, her not being happy, her family not being happy etc.

Why does it matter.

LH replied to a post 2 days ago, and he beat me to it. His reply was somewhat more compasionate than mine... The jist was the same - Kids !

Most of the posts you put here are focused on OM, WW, etc etc.. repeat

You are addicated - and like an addict, you are not making rational decissions.

Just the post above says it all.. and its very similar to most of your other posts. WW, OM, detaching ( but not really ) , kids are upset because of OM / WW etc.

I'll rewrite what i put a few weeks back - Try and stop focusing on all this - Focus on the kids kids kids.. And when not with the kids, you, or what you and the kids can do when you see them. Dont talk about WW in front of the kids. Change the subject. I feel so sorry for your children. At the minute they are stuck between a selfish and sad excuse for a mother, and a father who is addicted to something unhealthy. You have the power to change one side of this ! But taking them on trips to cabins and posted the pictures for the WW isnt the way to do it.

If you want to read a good post, find Josephs. He had a crazy WW.. Once he broke from the Fog, his focus was kids kids kids.. He has come out of this smiling.. Read his sitch, and start to focus on your children... Not random posts about cooking, cleaning, WWs family, WW sister, OM etc - If you turn the negative focus you have on WW into a postivie focus for the kids, your sitch would have a happy ending.. you just dont see it yet ! - KIDS KIDS KIDS !

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