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When I don't have my kids and I get bored I'm very tempted to download a dating app to see what's out there, but I continue to avoid that. Anyhow, that's the report.
That is not a good tactic to attract your wife back.

A bunch of other of your behaviors are also not very good tactics to attract your wife back. You are headed into the friend zone. This is not a place where you want to be either.

Do you want this woman as a lover? Then you have to treat her different. You can never go back to Scott 1.0.

This is all about Scott 2.0. IT is all about your behavior. Do your homework and change your behavior.

I am never bored. I have so many things I want to do or learn. I am sure your bedroom (as well as the rest of the house) need a good manly make-over. Start there if you don't have any other ideas what to do when you are "bored" which might really be lonely.

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