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W still has her fits, still tries to control me and only talks to me when it's something she wants to talk about. I can tell you all now, we aren't going to be one of those couples that gets back together in the future. .

I wanted to comment on that. A few months ago, after WW had only known OM for about four months, I found on her calendar that we share that she wanted to move out in the spring of 2021. As time progressed, she kept bringing the date forward bit by bit. I told her we had financial commitments and her response was she couldn't help me with the mortgage if she was living with OM!!!

Then OM sold his house and moved to our state and he asked WW to move in with him earlier so they could get used to being around each other.

My kids had not met OM till this September. A lawyer told me I could file a restraining order preventing WW from bringing my kids around OM. It would have cost north of $2,000. The way I see it I would have been thousands out of pocket and would only have delayed but not stopped the inevitable.

Now that she is cohabiting I don't have to pay alimony as we have a long term marriage.

I no longer interfere in her life - I do not bad mouth OM to my kids.

Now that she's left, my job is more or less done. It's hard to do LRT as we have kids and the finances will take a while to sort out.

Natural consequences can play their part now. It might not ever make her change her mind about me.

She might find happiness with OM but she will never have peace of mind knowing that she is responsible for the destruction of her family and exposing my kids to her adulterous affair.

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