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Im hanging out with my son today and Im just thinking I hate this whole thing. I wont, which is why Im putting it here, but I just want to tell her that. A marriage is about more than husband and wife. Its about kids and family. Its horrible that my kids can only see us on our days. This whole thing [censored]. No reason for it.

Hi Scott,

If its not already in your divorce / custody agreement, consider adding that the kids may call (or video call) either parent at any time. My kids can see either of their parents anytime they want to.

Youve been doing a great job finding your groove.

At some point it gets smoother. I spent a week with my kids celebrating Christmas by chopping down a tree, baking cookies, shopping for gifts, watching movies, etc. Now Im spending a week visiting 5 national parks, 2 with my gf and 3 solo.

My marriage with my ex-wife is over. Our relationships with and responsibilities towards our kids endure.