So made it through Xmas for the kids - actually pulled it off nicely. I had a moment of weakness in the middle of opening presents where I started getting teared up thinking this is probably the last Xmas we'll have together as a family. Get to the end of the night and we're in bed. I think she assumed I was asleep or just didn't care but she was texting someone. I asked and after some initial deflection she says it is the OM. I get angry, she gets defensive "I can't tell my friends merry Christmas?" and I leave the room for a while to cool off. When I come back she's obviously still texting and I tell her this isn't working for me and that I can't meet her needs if she's going to continue talking to him and being on dating sites. She denies a PA but admits to EA. She also says she hasn't gone on any dates but is talking to people and it is nice to be flattered and feels good. I say some more things when I should've just shut up but I was too angry to keep my mouth shut and eventually she leaves to go stay at the studio. So now I'm just angry and tired of this sh!t.