You will do the things that I have done that did not help in any manner:

Overthink everything she says/does
Try to mind read her words/actions
Try to put yourself in her shoes and figure out what it means.
Blame yourself.
Take good advice and toss it out the window.
Bring up the R too much.
Be too available.
Apologize for everything.
Wallow in self-hate, regret, what-ifs, and fear of loss.

This is all a completely normal response to losing an attachment. These things are programmed into us as children with our caregivers and are part of survivability. But they are NOT good measure for DB. You will do them, every single human does. What you must do is identify that you WILL do them, allow yourself to not beat yourself down when you do, and just do better the next time. You will get there.

Remember every time you get emotional, needy, want to talk or any of that your appearing annoying, weak and pathetic, unless that is how you want her to see you as a man, don't do that.

Hang in there brother.

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