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There is a book Love Must Be Tough that goes through the four rationalizations of the WAS. Its very good. How they justify to the LBS, the kids, friends and family, and lastly God. Its nearly word for word what my WAS said to me. Its spooky.

Yes, that's a great one! I remember thinking the same thing - almost exactly what my WS would say to me. It was a good dose of reality to go along with DBing and detaching.

me: 46 h: 49
m: 24 T: 27
DD1:20 DD2:17 DS:12
BD1: PA for 2 yrs 08/2016
BD2: OW is one of my closest friends 12/2016
BD3: H wants a D 11/2019
Now: He is in the same house, but has filed for divorce.