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I think she broke most of the sacraments multiple times,,,,then claims she is catholic.

So easy for a WAS to spin things to justify them. It might go something like this- "God wants me to be happy and he knows how unhappy I am in this marriage, and how a fling with someone new will make me happy again, therefore God approves of me having an affair." I mean after all, it's all the LBS's fault the WAS needs this fling so badly. If God wants to blame someone...

I'm sure one of you guys will recall, was it in one of Michele's books or someone else's that gets into the WAS's "rationalization hamster"? That little sucker's legs go a million miles an hour non stop.

Me: 60 w/ S18, D24, D27

M: 21 years; BD: 06-14-12; S: 09-10-12; D final: 03-17-14; XW:57