I'm not disagreeing with you LH, I get what you are saying.

When you have been with someone for 10 years plus (like most here have) and you are rejected by that person and desperately want to save your MR, the thought of letting go and eventually not missing them is scary. The rose tinted glasses are on and this person seems like the most perfect person you have met and that you will never find someone else. The thought that one day you won't care whether they are in your life is hard to come to grips with after all you have been through with them, even though this is exactly what is necessary.

I felt this way, I am guessing others have too. Probably in the last week or so this fear has disappeared, I accepted that in the future the WS will be just my child's parent and nothing more. Its very liberating.

Me: 40 W:41
T: 14 M: 11
S: 5

BD & OM Jun 2020
W moves out Aug 2020

"What happened happened, and couldn't have happened any other way...because it didn't"