It's so great to have the kids. I dealt with the general anxiety of my sitch yesterday but they just make it easier. Yesterday we made cookies, had dinner, put together our new grill (the STBXW took my old one), played some ping pong and then fired up the projector we bought. It is amazing. The picture is incredibly clear. I turned it on and it shot across the house and we suddenly had 10 foot tall football players in the kitchen. I was so excited I was laughing and jumping around. We all got such a kick out of it.

Then today I invited another family over and we hung out in my new party garage. We had brats, fired up the fire pit, played ping pong, and watched football on the screen with the new projector. My son connected the projector to the stereo. It was awesome.

After spending all day outside I am exhausted. Tomorrow we are planning to go skiiing most of the day, which should be a blast.

I think I'm doing okay on the GAL, I still miss my family (more than my wife, if that makes sense). I miss sharing the kids lives and mine with her. A day at a time. The next three should be lots of fun with lots planned.