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And this is the email I got back:
Thank you for letting me move the week. Once COVID settles, I will plan something and let you know as soon as I have an idea of when to make sure itll work.

I will come wrap on the 22nd. Please let me know what time you will be gone so I can plan accordingly.

We had discussed spending Christmas the four of us but none of those details. Going forward, we need to do a better job with communication and it being a discussion.

She didn't really answer the question related to the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day plan, I guess I assume that we will do it here?

Right now is a good time to send here multiple emails. Draft up all of them. After you flush them out, send them out fairly close together. This is a quick start:

#1) Communication
H:"I agree that we need to communicate better related to co-parenting. To help reduce confusion, I propose we keep emails to one topic. I will respond to the other topic shortly."

#2) Visit to grandparents

#3) Wrapping presents
H:"W, On the 22nd, I will be at the gym at the gym from 6AM- 9AM, does this work for you? If not what time would?"


H:"W, On the 22nd, I have some things to take care away from the house of from 6AM- 10AM, does this work for you? If not what time would?"

#4) Christmas 2020

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