So this is the email I sent:
I believe it is important for our kids to see your parents, so yes, I have no problem with them going at a later date.
If you would prefer wrapping the gifts I am fine with that. Would you rather me put the presents in the garage for you to grab or plan to come over on the 22nd when we are at my parents celebrating Christmas?

What you presented for Christmas and Christmas Eve is sounds good. Letís attend the 3pm mass. That will make it easier to get dinner on at a decent hour.
I had thought we determined Christmas would be over here back when we discussed separating but I can understand how you would want to have some of it at your house. What would you propose?

It is important to me to be with daughter when she wakes up. I donít want to miss that moment.


And this is the email I got back:
Thank you for letting me move the week. Once COVID settles, I will plan something and let you know as soon as I have an idea of when to make sure itíll work.

I will come wrap on the 22nd. Please let me know what time you will be gone so I can plan accordingly.

We had discussed spending Christmas the four of us but none of those details. Going forward, we need to do a better job with communication and it being a discussion.

She didn't really answer the question related to the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day plan, I guess I assume that we will do it here?